Rabbi Henry Sobel

Rabbi Henry Sobel, President of the Congregation Israelita Paulista, was arrested in the U.S., accused of stealing neckties. According to the Palm Beach Daily News newspaper, an official of the Louis Vuitton store called the police around 12:30 to warn that there was a customer with suspicious behavior. According to police, a review of security video in the store showed that the man got a tie, doubled it and left the store empty-handed. The police saw the man, later identified as Henri Sobel, 63, walking by an avenue of Palm Beach. Sobel denied having caught anything from the store or even have been there, but has offered to pay the tie even denying having it stolen. Finally, he admitted to have caught the tie and allowed the police searches of piece of clothing in your car. Sobel appeared with a bag of ties with four other brands: Louis Vuitton, Giorgio's, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. After the rabbi admitted having taken the goods without paying for them. The total value of the goods was $ 680. Sobel was arrested on charges of theft, and released on Saturday (24) after paying a bail of $ 3 mil.

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